ES EA4 (AWS A5.23 EA4)

ES EA4 is a manganese-alloyed, copper coa-ted wire for the submerged arc welding of medium- and high-strength structural steels.

ES EA4 should preferably be used together  with non-alloying or slightly alloying fluxes, such as ES FLUX 161, when high weld metal quality requirements must be met.

ES EA4 Submerged arc welding wire (SAW) for joining fine grain and high temperature resistant steels, structural steels, steels for shipbuilding, steels for pressure vessels, production of steel pipes up to grade X80, high-strength steels, etc.

ES EA4 can be combined with ES FLUX 161, ES FLUX 171 and ES FLUX 900.

ES EA4 (AWS A5.23 EA4)

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